New in the Counselor App! Scheduled Email & Email Center

Work smarter by scheduling your emails in advance & collaborating with colleagues in our new Email Center.

New! Scheduled Email & Email Center

Plan Ahead with Scheduled Email

Now, high school counselors can work smarter by scheduling emails in advance via Scoir:

Scheduled Email

1. Take advantage of dynamic filtering to email groups, like:

    • Students who aren't following any colleges
    • Students who haven't taken their YouScience assessment
    • Students in particular class years

As students interact with Scoir, they'll automatically be added or removed from a group.

Using filters on the Student Roster, for instance, you could determine which of your juniors haven't yet taken their YouScience assessments. In our example, that's 20 students.

You verbally reminded those 20 students to take the assessment just this morning.

Now, you want to schedule a reminder for a week out, encouraging your students to finish up by the end of the month. 

Between now and the scheduled email, 15 of your students take their assessment. In this example, they wouldn't receive your scheduled reminder because they no longer meet the criteria of the filters: they've now taken their YouScience assessments. Only 5 students still need to complete their assessments. Those 5 students will receive your scheduled reminder.

2. Optionally include parents and counselors so everyone's on the same page

3. Load your repeated communications for the academic year and set a reminder for yourself so you don't forget what's planned!


Collaborate Closely in the Email Center

Once you schedule an email (or choose to send it immediately), you can better collaborate with colleagues in our expanded Email Center. 

Email Center

Any staff on Scoir, with the exception of Teachers, can now see school-wide emails at a glance:

1. See the status of an email (Sent or Scheduled)

2. See the author of an email

3. See the recipients of an email

4. Edit an email (if you're the author)

5. Delete an email before it's sent

We know counseling teams work closely. With the Email Center, you can see what your colleagues are communicating with students, repurpose content, avoid duplicative messages, and so much more.

Scheduled Email & the Email Center is available to all Scoir High Schools.

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