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For Students and Counselors: College Search Refresh

Check out the latest updates to the student and counselor experiences!  

With college discovery in full swing, we’re excited to release a simplified search and filtering experience for students and counselors.

In the new design, the most popular search filters used by students are front and center and it’s easy to sort the results based on what's most important to you. The counselor experience also reflects the same updates as student experience 🙌 

Let’s check out the improvements!

Search Header Image

Filter colleges to match preferences

Access the enhanced filtering experience by navigating to Discover and selecting "All Colleges" or using the search bar. Choose a pre-populated filter to get started. 

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 4.55.28 PM

Previous filters

Before, you filtered your search from the left side panel. 
Search Prev Nav w box

New filters

Now, you can access the 5 most popular filters at the top of the page.

Search with box

We also introduced icons to help students visually identify their selections.

And within Location, we grouped states into regions so students can easily select a specific part of the country where they might like to study.

Select “All Filters” to see additional options like Personal Interests & Activities, ROTC Programs, Test Scores & Admission Rates, Athletics, and Application Method. 

Sort colleges according to relevance 

Once you've chosen your filters, the resulting list of colleges will default to sort by relevance. You can easily change the sort by selectivity (admission rate) or by size.


Discover colleges and build your list

With custom-filtered and sorted lists of colleges by their sides, students can more easily find their fit.

Students can add colleges that interest them to their lists by Following. And, if they want to see how one college stacks up against another college, they can compare up to 4 colleges at a time.

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 4.49.05 PM

Always improving!

We truly hope students find these improvements helpful as they search for and discover colleges. We'll continue to enhance the student experience, so stay tuned for more product updates!

Learn more about Scoir

Are you a student or family member hoping to learn more about how Scoir can help you with your college journey? Find out more here.

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