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For Students & Counselors: Discover and Match with Careers

Students can now take a fully integrated Career Interest Assessment in Scoir to be matched with best-fit careers!

We’re launching a new way to discover careers

We're building a better student experience for career assessments and matching, which is gradually being released the first half of 2023 🚀 These changes are based on emerging career research, as well as counselor feedback. 

We’re excited to announce that the second part of this larger release is now live! 

Matching with best-fit careers

The first step for students to match with careers is to take the 5 minute Career Interest Assessment. There are two ways to do this for the first time—straight from the student dashboard or by navigating to their profile and choosing Careers. 

Taking the assessment

The assessment consists of 60 questions that cover activities people perform when working in different careers. Students simply rank how much they like, or dislike, each activity.


Once all questions are answered, students view their matches on the NEW Careers tab in Discover 🎉 They'll see best-fit careers, outlook, median income, education level, and a description. The Careers tab is not visible until the assessment has been completed. 

Career Page

It's easy to save careers of interest by clicking the heart icon in the bottom left corner. 

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 7.01.23 AM

And, view those saved careers in the Profile under Careers. 

Career Matches

Students can take the assessment as many times as they like by selecting “Retake Assessment” where current matches are listed.

Retake assessment

Matching Colleges with Career Interests 

When saving a career from the assessment matches, the associated majors automatically populate in College Preferences. This helps students find their best-fit colleges!

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 7.17.35 AM

Students view colleges based on those majors, as well as the other preferences they've set, by selecting "See Matches." 

Filtering student by assessment completion

Counselors can see which students have completed the Career Interest Assessment, and which ones have not, by filtering them in the Student Roster.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 12.22.25 PM

Next up for Career Discovery—more features and integrations!

Currently, we’re working on launching an integrated Career Search and Exploration tool by early spring.    

From there, we’ll launch our integration with the PrinciplesYou character assessment for an even more robust career matching experience, as well as counselor insights. 

Our goal is to have all parts of this experience launched in the first half of this year!

Let us know your thoughts about the direction we’re taking Careers by filling out our Feedback Form.

Learn more about Scoir.

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