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For Students & Counselors: Discover & Manage Careers

We’ve made some updates to the Career Discovery experience! Head over to For Students & Counselors: Discover and Match with Careers to learn what’s new!

Career Profile 
We’re launching a new way to discover careers

We’re always evaluating the best ways to help students succeed—not just as they consider their paths to college, but as they plan for futures beyond the classroom. 

Emerging career research, as well as counselor feedback, made it clear that we could serve students better when it came to career discovery. 

With that, we're building a better student experience for career assessments and matching, which is gradually being released the first half of 2023 🚀

We’re happy to announce that the first component of this larger release is now live! 

Begin discovering careers

All students can now manage careers in their profile! They can access a career assessment, enter and save career interests, and add academic preferences based on those interests. It’s easy to update and edit as they build out their careers. As a counselor, you'll see this information too.

Here’s how to get started 💃🏻

When students navigate to their profile, they’ll see “Career Profile” in the left sidebar. They can click the tab or simply scroll down to reach that section. 

Careers first time visitor

From there, students can link over to an Interest Assessment and explore careers that might be a good fit for them. 

When selecting “Add Your Career Interests,” students can add and save their top career choices. Students can edit and refine their careers as they learn more through assessment results, self-reflection, and researching job descriptions and responsibilities.

Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 1.49.53 PM

Saved careers will show in the students’ profile. When clicking into a saved career, students view related majors and fields of study they can pursue to reach their goals. 

Edit Careers

Mark fields of study as “Must Have,” to save them as academic focuses in College Preferences. From there, students can use the search tool on any page as well as the advanced filter in Discover to match with colleges that are a good fit for their career goals! 

Careers Search and Match

Next up for Career Discovery—more features and integrations!

Currently, we’re working to enable a fully integrated interest assessment experience in Scoir, as well as a career exploration tool. 

From there, we’ll launch our integration with the PrinciplesYou character assessment alongside a career matching tool. Counselor insights will also be released. 

Our goal is to have all parts of this experience launched in the first half of 2023!

Let us know your thoughts about the direction we’re taking Careers by filling out our Feedback Form.

Learn more about Scoir.

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