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College Search and Discovery for Students & Parents

Everything you and your parents are looking for to make the right decision about your education and feel confident about the future.

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The college search process explained

The thought of college can be overwhelming when you're just trying to keep up with everything you already have on your plate. And then, there is the unknown.

  • Can I get in?
  • Will I fit in?
  • Can I afford it?

We get it. That's why Scoir is designed to break down the college admissions process into manageable steps that will help you evaluate all those important questions one step, one day at a time.



Learn about yourself

Better understand your unique talents, see how they translate to majors, and begin career exploration.

Begin and refine the search process

Search for colleges based on personal and academic interests, build your college list, and explore campus communities to understand what type of environment fits you best. 

Apply with confidence

Decide which colleges you’ll apply to, keep all your application documents in one place, apply with ease. 

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Helping Families Have A Better College Admissions Experience

Student - College Compaire

College Compare

Compare up to 4 colleges side-by-side to get a high-level overview of admissions, student life, academics, and cost statistics. Move colleges of interest to MyColleges.


Student Profile

Fill out your profile to help your parent/guardian and/or counselor understand you beyond your grades and test scores.


Search & MyColleges

Search for colleges based on your preferences or advanced search. Then, create a list of schools that you want to follow, will apply to, and have applied to in MyColleges.


Campus Community Exploration

Explore campus communities through the eyes of fellow students with CampusReel videos. 


Virtual Visits

Virtually tour colleges to gain a feel for the campus environment with YouVisit.


Aptitude Test

Take the YouScience assessment and receive a detailed report on your talents, link them to potential careers, and save related majors to your Scoir profile. 


Wall Content 

Search colleges by keywords to find schools that match this criteria through a social media-like experience. 



Work with your parent to understand what your true cost of admissions will be based on your EFC (Expected Family Contribution)



Communicate with your counselor, parent(s)/guardian(s), and teachers through direct messages. 

Your child is unique. Their admissions experience should be, too.

Helping your student find a school that's right for them can be intimidating – especially when you have just as many questions as they do.

How far along in the process should we be?

Will we be able to afford it?

What matters most when searching? 

We hear you. That's why we created the parent experience. Designed for collaboration and to equip you with the information your family needs to make the right choice about college.  


Understand admissions costs

Use our tools to see what the cost of each school will be for your family based on how much you can contribute to their cost of education.

Research colleges...together.

Search for the basics and for unique interests best suited for your kid's success. Then share them for your student to review.

Stay connected

Stay current with your student's college lists and communicate with them in the platform. 

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Helping Families Have A Better College Admissions Experience


EFC (expected family contribution) Calculator

Input your EFC into our calculator to see what your cost of admissions will be for each school that you search. 


College Search

Research schools based on academic and personal interests, and then suggest them to your student for review.  



Review your student's list of schools that they are following, planning to apply to.


Campus Community Exploration

Explore campus communities through CampusReel video content created by students.


Virtual Visits

Virtually tour colleges with YouVisit and determine whether it's a smart investment to schedule a college tour. 



Send your student and their counselor direct messages in the app to meet them where they spend their time (on mobile).