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2 min read

For Colleges: Message Scoir Students from Slate with Slate Match & Messaging

For Colleges: Message Scoir Students from Slate with Slate Match & Messaging
For Colleges: Message Scoir Students from Slate

Now, admissions officers can message interested students on Scoir, both known and stealth, without ever leaving Slate with Slate Match & Messaging. 🚀

With Slate Match & Messaging, you can track your Scoir followers right in your own system, gain insights into your stealth audience, and record more accurate first source attribution. Plus, you can reach your institution’s followers on Scoir without a Scoir subscription. 

You can also nurture students on Scoir—where students are actively doing their college search—outside of the noise of their email inboxes.

Let’s dive in!

(Psst...if you want to learn all about Slate Match & Messaging, including common FAQs, check out the Slate Match & Messaging Guide.

1. Messaging

In partnership with Slate, when you add Scoir as a mailing channel in Slate you can now:

  • Reach and convert more interested students, including stealth followers
  • Avoid duplicative messages to the same audience
  • Streamline your workflow by managing fewer tools
  • Use existing Slate credits to message Scoir students (no Scoir subscription required)

With Slate Match & Messaging, you can nurture high-intent students on Scoir outside of the noise of their email inboxes. Goodbye, expensive name buys! Scoir Messages see an average read rate of 45%, making Scoir Messaging a more effective alternative to mass emails.

Slate administrators can add Scoir as a mailing channel via Deliver Configuration.

2 - Add Account-1

Once you've added Scoir as a mailing channel, you'll be prompted to enable your Follower Import.


2. Audience Sharing

Audience Sharing (aka: the flow of data from Scoir to Slate, or the Follower Import) helps you determine which students are known in your CRM that you can message, as well as those who may be stealth.

Activate Audience Sharing by clicking Login to Scoir. You'll be redirected to this page on scoir.com

Audience Sharing with Slate Integration

  • If you have a Scoir account, use it to log in
  • If you don't have a Scoir account, request one by completing the form (account creation may take as little as 10 minutes!)

As a reminder, we never sell, lease, lend, or exchange students' personally identifiable information, and that commitment extends to this integration. All data is shared in a hashed format to protect student privacy. 

Once logged in, navigate to Engage > Integrations.

Step 1 - Activate

Follow the instructions to enable your Follower Import.


3. Stealth Insights

Finally, unlock your Scoir follower insights report to understand even more about your Scoir audience. This provides an inside look at additional demographic information and performance so you can better segment and convert students.

50-90% of the average college's followers on Scoir are stealth.

Step 3 - Unlock

Need more complete instructions on activating the integration? Visit our Help Center or explore our Slate Match & Messaging Guide.

TL;DR: Reaching your full Scoir audience is easier than ever with our new messaging integration in partnership with Slate!

And that’s a wrap! 

Share your feedback! We're all ears 👂


This article was originally published on December 5, 2023. It was updated on July 12, 2024 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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