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Villa Maria Academy

How Villa Maria Transformed Student College Readiness with Scoir

Villa Maria Academy demonstrates proficiency and dedication to collegiate success through its partnership with Scoir.


Key Results

99% senior Scoir registration (82% logged into Scoir in past 90 days)

100% of Seniors applied to college

90% of seniors and 80% of juniors are following 4 or more colleges




1st Scoir customer



In the following case study, we’ll explore how Villa Maria Academy uses Scoir to elevate student engagement and track success trends on the platform.



Villa Maria Academy High School is a Catholic all-girls college preparatory school in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Villa Maria was founded by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1872. The independent private school of nearly 450 students takes pride in its unique ability to empower young women to “lead lives of spiritual growth, intellectual inquiry, and Christian service.”

Villa Maria joined the Scoir Network in 2016 as our very first customer!


Villa Maria Academy


The Problem

Villa Maria needed a college readiness platform that would:
  • Save counselors time and resources
  • Be easy and engaging for students to use through the college discovery, planning, and application process
  • Help their students get into their college of choice

The Solution

Villa Maria loves how easy Scoir is to use. Here are their favorite Scoir tools!


Email Center

Why this matters: Saves time and provides students with helpful college readiness 
resources throughout their high school experience

Villa Maria counselors love that they can connect their work email address to Scoir so they can quickly send bulk emails to their students and parents/guardians. Counselors also utilize the Scoir Library, filled with professional, pre-written emails designed to engage students and their parents or guardians, saving counselors even more time.


Scattergrams and College Lists

Why this matters: Increased visibility and enhanced alignment between students, counselors, and parents/guardians

With Scattergrams, students and counselors can see historical admissions decisions using GPAs, test scores, and other outcomes of students who graduated from Villa Maria. The school typically introduces 11th-grade students to Scattergrams.

With Scoir’s user-friendly college list-building tool, students, parents/guardians, and counselors track the college discovery process seamlessly in Scoir. Counselors and parents/guardians can even support their students by suggesting colleges to add to their list.


“The organization tools of Scoir’s platform are extremely beneficial for our students. When a school is moved into the applying section, a student can see, in date order, the deadlines of the schools and what to prioritize. Additionally, we utilize Suggestions quite a bit, as well as Scattergrams as a ‘jumping off’ conversation on college lists.”

- Madeline Duckhorn, College Counselor at Villa Maria High School


Apply with Scoir

Why this matters: A simple, time-saving college application experience

Villa Maria’s counselors are huge fans of the end-to-end college planning experience Scoir provides, from building a college list to applying. Using their profiles already on file, Villa Maria students can apply to multiple colleges at once, right on Scoir. 

Counselors can set up their office hours in Scoir so students can easily book meetings with them (including on the Scoir mobile app). My Drive allows students (starting in 9th grade) and counselors a shared space to easily access documents.


Resume Builder and PrinciplesYou

Why this matters: Simple career readiness guidance for students

As early as 9th grade, Villa Maria educates students on how to create a resume in Scoir. Their counseling team explains to students how this can help guide them when selecting high school courses, a college, and a career. With PrinciplesYou, students explore their unique strengths and skills so they can find careers that may be a good fit for them.


Villa Maria’s Favorite Things About Scoir

  • Student-centered and time-saving platform
  • Supports the growth of the College
  • Counseling Department
  • Counselors feel heard regarding what counselors and students need to be successful when speaking with the Scoir team
  • A super simple rollout process
  • High student engagement
  • Ease of collaboration between counselors, students, and guardians

The Results

As of March 2024, Villa Maria achieved incredible engagement and college-going interest among students. Through Scoir, Villa Maria exposed their students to a large array of colleges they otherwise may not have heard about! 


check-circle  99% senior Scoir registration (82% logged into Scoir in past 90 days)

check-circle  100% of seniors applied to college

check-circle  90% of seniors and 80% of juniors are following 4 or more colleges

check-circle  64% of registered sophomores are following 3 or more colleges

check-circle  87% of freshmen are following 2 or more colleges

check-circle  78% of seniors’ parents and guardians registered with Scoir


“Scoir is a positive tool in the admissions process and experience. The
ease of use in the platform for students, parents, and counselors allows for open communication throughout the entire process.”

- Madeline Duckhorn, College Counselor at Villa Maria High School


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