SCOIR Webinar Series

Whether you’re a SCOIR user looking for advanced training, or just hearing about us for the first time, our webinar series covers a range of topics to provide you the information you need. Register now for an upcoming session. 


Already a SCOIR user and looking to become an expert? Check out our Pro Series webinars. 

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Introduction to SCOIR 

Experience the full benefits of using SCOIR to guide your students through their college search and selection process and see how SCOIR reduces the administrative burdens of preparing, delivering and tracking application materials. Each of these general overview sessions will last approximately one hour and include time for Q&A.

*45-60 minutes. Recommended for those hearing about SCOIR for the first time.  

Become a Pro

Each of these sessions focuses on a specific feature to help you quickly become a SCOIR expert. 

*20-30 minutes. Recommended for current SCOIR users and those who want to learn more before joining. 


Managing Application Documents

Introducing our new Send Docs system! We know that college applications have a lot of moving parts, so we’ve made the entire process smarter (less work for you) and more intuitive (less time for you). See how easy it can be to organize, send and track the electronic delivery of transcripts, recommendations and other application-related documents to colleges.

Sign Up JAN 18 @ 12pm ET  Sign Up FEB 20 @ 12pm ET


We cut through the complexity to provide a clear understanding of how FERPA relates to you and your students and demonstrate how SCOIR helps you easily manage FERPA compliance.

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Rollout Best Practices

This step-by-step guide will help you quickly get all stakeholders registered on SCOIR and comfortable using it.

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Secondary School Reports, Midyear Reports & Final Reports

Many colleges require them but these forms can be difficult to complete. SCOIR has streamlined the process so you can complete SSRs and counselor evaluations with zero duplication of effort. Let us show you how.

Sign Up JAN 30 @ 12pm ET  Sign Up FEB 13 @ 12pm ET

Roles, Permissions & Account Settings

SCOIR Administrators have more control over the capabilities that are provided to their staff who utilize the system. During this webinar, we’ll walk you through the various roles that you can set for your staff based on their focus within your department.

Sign Up FEB 1 @ 12pm ET

Requesting & Writing Teacher Recommendations

Experience firsthand how easy it is for your students to request recommendations. Search and connect with your students, view their profiles and see their accomplishments to write more personally and efficiently.

Sign Up FEB 15 @ 12pm ET

Assisting Students with their College Search

Create and manage student groups, message one-to-one or one-to-many, use Heat Maps to assess admissions probability, search on behalf of a student, suggest colleges for your students to review, and gather insights into your students’ strengths based on their Career Interest outcomes. This tutorial will show you how to effectively help those who need your help the most.

Sign Up FEB 22 @ 12pm ET

Data Management

We know the importance of having test scores readily accessible for use in guiding college selection, as well as for trend analysis and reporting. Learn how to efficiently search students to add and edit SAT, ACT and GPA scores.

Sign Up FEB 27 @ 12pm ET