Online Training Library

Our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective with your students on Scoir! Your Scoir Instructors will teach you how to manage the application process with ease, schedule college visits, keep everyone informed using Scoir's communication tools, and more. We encourage you to log into your Scoir account and follow along. Courses can be taken in any order and at any time. 

Total Duration: ~ 90 Minutes

Course I : Counselor Experience

In this course, you will learn how to effectively manage your student roster, schedule college rep visits, efficiently create and run reports on student data, and use Scoir's communication tools to keep students and parents informed.
Estimated Duration: 25 Minutes

Navigating Your Dashboard

Student Roster

College Details

Scheduling College Rep Visits


Communication Tools

Course II : School Settings & Data Management

Learn how to configure your school's settings and how to efficiently upload and manage your students' data.
Estimated Duration: 15 Minutes

Configure Your School Settings

Managing Your School Data

Course III : Student & Parent Experience

View the Parent & Student experience within Scoir to better understand and assist throughout the search and selection process. Estimated Duration: 11 Minutes

Parent Overview

Student Application Overview


Course IV : Assisting an Individual Student

In this course you'll learn how to navigate an individual student's profile to assist them through the college search and selection process.
Estimated Duration: 4 Minutes

Student Profile Overview

Assisting an Individual - Search & Suggestions

Course V : Application Process

This course covers the application process from start to finish. Collaborate with your students, understand the recommendation process, assist students at the individual level, or take bulk actions at the class level. You'll see that Scoir's Send Docs system is automated and streamlined, with plenty of room for flexibility along the way.
Estimated Duration: 22 Minutes

Student College List Management

The Recommendation Process

Assisting an Individual

Manage, Send & Track


Course VI : Rolling Out

It can be difficult implementing new systems, especially when it comes to ensuring that your students are actually using the tools you've worked so hard to initiate. So, we've created rollout best practices and guides to assist you in informing and inviting your constituents in the most efficient, effective way possible.
Estimated Duration: 8 Minutes

Informing Your Constituents

Inviting Students, Parents, Faculty

Inviting Without Emails

Getting Started Guide

Implementing Scoir Day

Continued Support