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Request a Consultation

with our Client Success Team

Hi there! Before you fill out the form, please read the below:


Consultations are for high school counselors who are interested in Scoir. If you are a student, please speak with your counselor for access or sign up individually for free! If you are a parent or guardian, please speak with your student about inviting you onto the platform.

Consultations are great opportunities for our client success team to discuss how Scoir can meet your specific school’s needs, talk through onboarding expectations, explain a transition strategy, and more.

Please note: Consultations are not full product demos!


During the consultation, one of our experts will:

  • Discuss your high school's needs and approach to college counseling 
  • Talk through an on-boarding and/or transition strategy to get you up and running smoothly


To make the most of our time together, our client success team kindly asks that you join one of our product demos before requesting an individual consultation.

So...are you a high school counselor who has watched a product demo and needs more specific information about how Scoir can help your students? Go ahead and fill out that form! 

Provide your information below to schedule a consultation