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College Sign-Up | Documents and Visits

For Colleges

If you're a student or a high school counselor, please visit the pages below. 

Ready to start receiving documents, planning visits, connecting with high school counselors, viewing attendance, and more? Make sure your college meets the participation requirements and then take a moment to answer the following questions so we can create your Scoir college account!

If your college already uses Scoir, please contact your account administrator to add a new user instead of using this form.


Free for a reason

It’s our mission to expand college access by connecting students and families, high school counselors, and colleges together on the network focused on all things college admissions. Sending and receiving documents and connecting high schools visits are an essential part of the admissions process and that’s why we offer Docs and Visits free of charge.

In addition to expanding college access, we’re also committed to improving collegiate outcomes. To that end, our services, including Docs and Visits, are limited to colleges that are degree-granting, accredited, and have a graduation rate above 67%.