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Insights and Stories

The College Resume: A How-To Guide

By your junior year of high school, you've likely heard of a college resume. But, what is a college resume and how do you build one? A college resume is a brief snapshot of a student’s high school achievements,  interests, work experience, ...
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Course Selection: Why Your High School Class Decisions are Important

For many high schools, course selection for the next school year begins as early as January. So, the fall is often a good time to contemplate your next steps. While ...
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Finding Internships in a Virtual Working World

As we head into another school year, finding an internship may be on your mind. Traditionally, internships are all about gaining hands-on experience. However, as more ...
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Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

As a high school student whose goal is to attend college, you might be concerned that your college resume will be sparse as academic camps, job shadowing, ...
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Displaying Leadership Skills on Your College Resume

Colleges and universities love to see leadership skills on the college resume. What are the first things that come to mind when you hear the word ‘leadership’ in ...
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The Best Ways to Get Out in Front of Learning Differences

A critical element of your college application is your ability to bring clarity to the interpretation of your academic record. In other words, when there are ...
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College Decision Day! Parents, Don't Be Afraid to Let Go

Decision time is just around the corner, and many students are still uncertain about which college they will attend. What makes this year even more difficult is the ...
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