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Scoir is free for your students and for you. We also offer Advanced Solutions to help you better guide your students.

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Access resources in the areas of test prep, essay support, and financial aid to better navigate every part of the admissions process.


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College and academic advising resources to guide and inspire college counselors.


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We offer a flat 50% discount for each student who receives free or reduced lunch in your school or district.

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Enjoy Career Readiness Early Access for grades 6-8, built to help you guide students and track progress in the early years of career learnings and activities.

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Career development (certifications, courses & curriculum) for changemakers.


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Our pricing is fair for schools of all sizes, transparent, and rewards those schools expanding access to underserved students.

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Scoir is a Network connecting students, supporters, middle schools, high schools, and colleges to expand college and career access and improve student outcomes.


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We're different.

We're committed to transforming the college-going landscape to favor every student by delivering intentional, collaborative solutions to expand college access and improve student outcomes.


Your data is yours; we don't sell personally identifiable information (PII), so you stay in control.

Middle & High Schools

Access is key; Scoir is free for all students, and discounted for schools where students receive free or reduced lunch.


Mission matters; we reward schools expanding access through our pricing model.


Your growth matters; our career development opportunities are designed for those who rally around student access and success.

And that's not all.

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Take the Find Your College Match quiz, and we'll help you find the colleges that are the right fit for you.


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Getting to college takes a network of support. We make it simple to connect with a supportive network.

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Explore careers that match your skills and interests, then find the best schools to help you achieve your career goals.

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Connect with students, families, and teachers

Maintain connections and keep track of critical information needed to guide your students toward college and career success.


Simplify the application process

Use our electronic document delivery system that combines data and intelligence to save time, reduce stress, and improve accuracy.

College & Career Readiness

Save precious hours with our student-friendly career and college discovery tools so you can spend more one-on-one time with your students.

Expand Your Recruiting Efforts with Intent


Make meaningful connections with students

Our student-first network allows you to deliver a personalized experience and engage with students about their interests.

Receive real-time data

Message interested students and receive actionable insights to fuel admission and marketing strategies.


Connected together.




High Schools



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Empowering High Schools Across America


Strengthening the footprint of our network

A Network like no other, supported by a shared commitment to creating a better admissions experience.

I'm so grateful for Scoir and for your support - you make a difference in our work every day. Thank you and all the best in 2023!
Lauri Badar
Director of College Counseling, Sacred Heart Preparatory, CA
We’re in the midst of the college application season and our students have been relying almost exclusively on Scoir through this process which has been wonderful. Scoir is a great tool and we continue to learn more about the functionality it provides to expand our use of it for the current junior class.
trinity school NC logo
Donna Clark
College Counseling Program Manager, Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill, NC
I just uploaded my first test data file to Scoir. What would sometimes take me an hour to do in our other system, took less than a minute. And, Scoir’s drag and drop data entry is awesome! I am so glad we made this move!
Lutheran South Academy, TX logo
Cydni Choate
Counselor, Lutheran South Academy, TX
SCOIR is proving to be an excellent resource and voice for students all over, especially with your partnership with Slate and Coalition. The impact you're all having is already being felt!
The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico logo
Celeste Suris-Rosselli
The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico
Thank you so much for helping so quickly...THIS is why I sing the praises of you and SCOIR!
Spartanburg Day School logo
Jennifer Spearman
Spartanburg Day School
SCOIR support is the BEST! Like literally= the very very best! Most communicative! Most patient! Most responsive!
Honokaa High & Intermediate School, HI logo
Alana Haitsuka Fernandez
Honokaa High & Intermediate School, HI
Scoir customer service is AMAZING.
Weddington High School, NC logo
Mary Jordan
Counselor, Weddington High School, NC
Scoir is priceless to me and my students. Thank you so much for your responsiveness, expertise and patience.
Susan Goya

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