Scoir Day!


It can be difficult implementing new systems, especially when it comes to ensuring that your students are actually using the tools you've worked so hard to initiate. Therefore, we're implementing "Scoir Day" to help out a bit. Don't worry, we're not creating a holiday here ... rather, we're giving you the tools you need to roll out Scoir efficiently and effectively all in the course of one school day (that you choose) to ensure that your students are all registering and exploring on the spot. 

1 week before:

Prior to Scoir Day, make sure to inform your users. You can use this document when informing your students so they have a sneak peak of what to expect!

Let Scoir Support and/or your Client Success Manager know when you're implementing Scoir Day so they can be on call for any help or assistance!

1 Day before:

Email these instructions to the moderator at least a day in advance. 

We recommend sharing this Rollout Guide with your students prior to inviting them so they have clear instructions on how to register, and how to start exploring their new Scoir account! 

Day before / morning of:

Invite your students via email. 

*If you don't have email addresses, your students can log in online (steps in moderator instructions).