Product Features

See Colleges in a Whole New Light

Our unique, authentic depiction of campus life will help you discover colleges that fit your personal interests as well as academic interests.

Gauge Your Cost of Attendance

The tuition you’ll pay is often not what you think. Before deciding whether to apply, use our cost of attendance calculators to closely estimate what each college will cost you. What you think is the most expensive might end up being your most affordable option.

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Keep Everyone Informed and On Track

We make it ridiculously easy for counselors to reach students and parents with useful tips and important information. Create, schedule, and send professional messages individually, en masse, or to targeted groups.


Streamline the Recommendation Process

Students request recommendations from teachers, who easily manage requests and provide letters. Counselors track the process, provide a nudge where needed, and deliver them to colleges. This doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Manage, Send & Track Application Documents with Ease

Getting the right information about the right student to the right college at the right time is paramount. Our semi-autonomous electronic document delivery system combines data and intelligence to save counselors time, reduce stress, and improve accuracy.