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The College Admissions Journey

Student Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities

The Findings

We surveyed high school students during the pandemic to get their thoughts on the college search and application process from the resources they rely on to gather information to the biggest obstacles and what matters most.

Here are the key findings.

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Key Takeaway: Email and traditional college outreach
methods are not working.

Now more than ever, students are uncertain of their futures. They're looking for ways to authentically engage with colleges to answer the questions:

  • Will I fit in?

  • Can I afford it?

  • Will I get in?

Scoir is the network that brings together students, parents, high schools, and colleges to help answer these questions for a better admissions experience.

Students can search and browse dynamic college profile pages based on their interests and receive relevant messages from colleges they've permission to do so.

Learn more about our student centered admissions solutions designed for you.

Receive application documents and enable college representatives to better manage high school relationships and schedule visits.
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High Schools
Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time counseling students through the college admissions process.
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Students & Families
Search for schools based on personal and academic interests, find authentic content, and estimate the cost of your attendance
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