Senior DevOps Engineer

Permanent  |  Full-Time |  Remote *

Job Description 


At Scoir we believe students are more than their test scores and colleges are more than their rankings. Our mission is to fix the flawed college admissions experience. We work to create a world where every student understands and appreciates his or her unique talents and pursues interesting career paths well-suited to those abilities.

The DevOps team is responsible for improving how Scoir ships and operates our services. We work alongside development teams to provide a strong set of delivery and infrastructure platform capabilities. We live the three ways of Devops; flow, feedback, and continuous learning.

If you get excited about building solutions that help development teams become more efficient then this is the team for you.


  • Strong belief in the principles of DevOps and a mature view of the software development life cycle. 
  • Optimism and pragmatism, team-first mentality, and willingness to work with both existing and new technology stacks.
  • Demonstrated strong bias for automation and taking the time to think about reliable ways to solve a problem versus quick fixes or band-aids.
  • Demonstrated awareness of information security and industry best practices.
  • Strong engineering ability and experience with programming languages such as Go, Python, etc...
  • Experience with cloud platforms; Google Cloud, AWS, or other major platforms.
  • Experience with feedback tooling; Prometheus, Cloud Logging, PagerDuty, etc…
  • Experience with delivery tooling and infra-as-code; Jenkins, Terraform, and GitHub Actions


  • Help our organization become great at shipping value to customers.
  • Have extreme ownership of projects & tasks of significant complexity and value to the organization.
  • Contribute to major improvements to our cloud infrastructure and delivery process.
  • Lead and mentor other engineers and team members.
  • Provide support in your team’s area of responsibility.


Scoir provides a software platform that expands college access and improves student outcomes. History shows that higher education is the surest path to expand opportunities for advancement in life, yet far too many high school students fail to realize those opportunities. Scoir simplifies college research and application decision-making with beautifully designed software that engages, informs, and facilitates interaction among students, parents, counselors, and colleges. We are a for-profit social enterprise, meaning our positive social impact is equally as important as financial return, and we’re just getting started in our quest to completely reform college admissions.


Scoir is a high-paced environment but you will have some flexibility as to when and where you get your work done. We care for our employees and their families and treat them as we would like to be treated. You will be challenged. You will be rewarded. You will be welcomed here.



Since closing our office in March 2020, our team has more than doubled and continues to expand in a 100% remote working mode. We care for our employees and their families and treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Scoir provides:

  • health insurance for you and your family 
  • dental insurance for you and your family 
  • retirement savings with 4% company matching contribution (no vesting)
  • participating in employee stock option plan
  • two weeks of paid parental leave
  • two weeks of paid maternity leave (in addition to parental leave)
  • unlimited PTO
  • home office stipend


Our six principles guide how we expect all team members to act and treat one another. While at Scoir, we expect you to be:

Innovative: Creativity and innovation is not a right, but an obligation of all. We’re creating something new. Crazy ideas and alternative perspectives foster ingenuity. We try many new things (some big, some small) and fail often, but learn and improve with each.

Passionate: Positivity and enthusiasm are natural byproducts of pursuing our passions, and they are infectious. We act with urgency and precision because we believe deeply in our undertaking.

Supportive: We succeed and fail as a team; we do not indulge prima donnas. A group loyal to each other accomplishes more than any collection of individuals.

Transparent: We share openly and honestly because we trust and respect one another. Constructive criticism is more valuable than affirmation when the goal is perpetual improvement.

Audacious: Incremental change does not yield substantive improvement. To fundamentally disrupt the status quo, we must think boldly, act boldly, and be bold. We embrace risk-taking.

Tenacious: We are open-minded, but not dismayed by adversity. We pursue endeavors relentlessly because we are confident in our purpose.



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*Position is fully remote


*  While we greatly value diversity, as a small business we are not registered to do business in every state nor do we have the resources to navigate overly-complex U.S. immigration laws. To be considered for this position, you must reside in AZ, DE, FL, GA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, SC, TN, or TX and be authorized to work in the U.S.A. on a permanent full-time basis without a visa or employer-sponsorship.