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Insights and Stories

The State of College Admissions

This is a transcription of a recent podcast episode where we sit down with Chief Education and Policy Officer of NACAC, David Hawkins, to discuss the challenges posed to the college admission process by the coronavirus pandemic.Our conversation ...
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Colleges: It’s Time to Reconsider Name Buys

This is an abridged version of a recent podcast episode where we sit down with a high school counselor to discuss why colleges should rethink their strategy when it ...
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Disrupted: A College Admission Season Unlike Any Other

March 13, 2020—Friday the 13th, nonetheless—will long be remembered, in a cruel and prophetic twist of irony, as the date when the emerging coronavirus pandemic shut ...
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Reconsidering Standardized Testing

In the wake of coronavirus, colleges and universities across the US have reconsidered their testing policies - most have gone test-optional. So, what does this mean ...
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Survey Results: Understanding The Effects of COVID-19

Survey finds that the COVID-19 pandemic is having little impact on students’ enrollment plans, but families are increasingly concerned about costs, communication, and ...
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Why You Should Take College Rankings With a Dose of Cynicism

A new college admission cycle is fast approaching —and so are college rankings!
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