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Insights and Stories

How Applying Early Decision Affects Financial Aid Opportunities

Applying early decision might improve your odds of being accepted with certainty to your dream school, but it might limit your financial aid opportunity at the same time. As an early decision applicant, you agree that - if admitted - you will ...
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College Student Credit Cards: Wise Ways to Build Credit

Over 14 million students will enter college in the fall. Students will live on their own away from home, for extended periods of time.  When they arrive on campus, ...
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6 Ways to Save Money While in College

The average American student owed $31,172 upon graduation in 2019 and will pay back $393 per month. The following tips will keep debt to a minimum if you are ...
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Is College Regulated? How Accreditation Agencies Ensure a Quality Education

Earning a college degree can be as much of an investment as purchasing a car or even mortgaging a home, but what if that costly diploma doesn’t hold as much value as ...
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